Write the text of your article here! ScreenShot is coming soon!!! Now we will talk about A lot of people,fans say that it is Echo Lake. Somebody thought that it is Glen Park(It could be new version of Glen Park) It is not Echo park,it just could be a parody We don't know this parks or lakes name.It could be also new version of Glen Park People can come here,have anime day,some people, fans thinks that there is a football filed,tennis or badminton fields too.It can be possible. The lake is green It is a lot of bushes,trees,palms and so on I will give you the numbers of trees,palms and etc. About 30 Palms About 50 trees We can see 3 people in this screenshot There is no any cars,boats,jets,planes,transports here About 6 towers are located on the north-west part of the screenshot One of them is U.S Bank,Construction Site and so on New graphics,physics,new trees,new textures,new people,new water,New sky and so on Rich gaming world of GTA V About 10 houses are located near the lake Some people and fans think that there is Vinewood sign behind th longest palm On the hills. A lot of places and so on Think about this

ALSO I think the lake and this park are located on the north-east part of the first screenshot