This state was mentioned in "Farewell ,Chunky' Lee Chong" You can read about this american state in WIkipedia,other sites,from billions of articles,books,pages,texts and so on.So,now,I will give you a little information article about Colorado. Colorado is the state of United States Of America,which is located on the west of Central United States Of America. Capital and the biggest city in Denver.Colorado is one of the Mounatin States.It is 38th state of USA and it was founded on 1 August 1876.Also you can read a lot about Colorado in this and other wikis and wikias and articles too.Also the population is about 4.6-5.0million people,which is on the 22-nd place in USA. See you soon.New Edits is coming soon.The most interesting and the most important and the most famous articles,pages,information pages are coming soon.See you later.